In a little over a year, I made over 15 million Naira from selling digital products. In that space of time, I also showed 1500+ people how to make money online too.

I am finally revealing all of my secret tips and strategies.

How does a complete beginner who knows nothing about selling digital products, make over ₦120,000 in less than 10 days?

That’s the story of Negedu Serena who got my digital marketing training at the start of February 2024, started selling Digital products mid February  2024, she had made over $200

And then there’s Oyinda who has been my student for barely 2 weeks and has started making sales and earning from selling digital products as well.

The list is endless, results are not typical with digital marketing, but they’re guaranteed.

Albeit, the process and requirements are the same.

I’ve told this story a dozen times, and quite frankly, I don’t think I’ll stop. A story of another unemployed Nigerian graduate who found a way to make an honest living for herself, despite the odds.

I graduated in 2017, and the years that followed were tough, unemployed and job hunting for years, starting and failing so many businesses, and being the first child, I saw firsthand what struggle was.

Sometime in late 2022, I stumbled upon what became the turning point for me.

I first started writing short ebooks on Amazon before I discovered my oil well – Digital marketing.

The weeks and months that followed after I learned how to sell digital products, were months where I went from earning below the minimum wage (18k) to making 50k, 100k per week, and to the point where I started having N1,000,000 plus months… consistently.


Was N75,000 X

Now N20,000 ✅

It’s one or all of the following going on with you at the moment, this is a wild guess, but chances are that I may be right.

I can easily guess these, because I mean… You’re reading this right now. 

Digital/Affiliate Marketing could be just the right financial vehicle to solve these problems and more. I say this very confidently because this was and is my reality. It was the case for me as well, and digital marketing was the turning point for me, for thousands to millions of people globally, it can be for you too.

You’re probably wondering how this all works.

Here’s a breakdown.

I sell a digital product that costs ₦20,000 and my commission for the sale of that product is ₦12,000

I only just have to sell 20-30 units of it in a month to make ₦200,000 plus.

This was how I made over 15million naira

see proof below

I have also helped alot of my students replicate the same results for themselves.

You might have some of the following questions running through your mind, wondering if this all adds up? If this is real.

I wondered the same thing, for months even, and I honestly see now how much I cheated myself, because all that time that went by, could have taken me alot further than I am now

Here’s a quick survey from Google.

Yes, Digital marketing is estimated to be worth x$689.8 Billion Digital Marketing Market Analysis by Digital Channel, End Use Industry, and Region – Global Forecast to 2028

Of course you would not know how to go about with, I’ll show you.

You’re also wondering how you who has never sold a pin in your life can sell digital products.

I’ve been there, and done all of that.

I went from newbie to pro, selling 1-25 units a day…

So, you’ll learn how to sell alright, and you’ll learn much more.

So, even as introverted as I was, and I still am, with a little over 14 views on my WhatsApp and zero followers on all my social media platforms, I still sold these digital products in their numbers daily, till I grew my presence on the internet space. (@_roselinec on all social media handles)

So, from N18,000 a month to 7 figures monthly, and building a notable brand online, my experiences, resources, tips, strategies and everything in between 


How To Get Access To Other People's Digital And Become An Affiliate

Worth ₦5,000

How To Find A High In Demand Digital Product

Worth ₦5,000

How To Attract Customers To Your Product

Worth ₦5,000

How to build a mini website

Worth ₦5,000

How to make sales

Worth ₦20,000

How to handle objections and talk to your customers

Worth ₦5,000

How to get customers from WhatsApp without paying for ads

Worth ₦10,000

How to get customers from Instagram and grow your Instagram account without paying for ads

Worth ₦10,000

How to get customers from tiktok and grow your tiktok account without paying for ads

Worth ₦10,000

This offer comes with a money back guarantee. 100%

In 30 days, if you apply ALL that you’ll be taught and you don’t make one single sale, come back with proof, and get your ₦20,000 back. In FULL.


You’ll also be getting BONUSES and resources to make your training and implementation process alot smoother. These include but not limited to;


The value of This course, Digital Marketing For Beginners is worth over ₦100,000

But you’re in luck today. You can join the first 20 people I’m giving a discounted rate of ₦20,000.  Today!!

2023 I made millions, and made a lot of millionaires, 2024, I am already helping hundreds of people monetize their smartphones.

I’m challenging you to learn and apply everything I’ll be showing you, and come back to say thank you.

This is not just mere wishful thinking.

It’s what I’ve tested and others have tested and trust too,

just like Temi Amoke, who has started making money from selling digital products in less than a month of being my mentee.

And fiyin oluwa, who makes between 1-5 sales currently every single day, all from the same strategies you’re about to learn.

Chris Obike Has this to say;

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